Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola Featured in Triathlete Magazine's October Issue!
Triathlete Magazine October 2007 Article on Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola Triathlete Magazine October 2007 Cover
Bellingham Herald calls Breakfast Cookies an
"Essential Item for Anyone Heading into the Backcountry"

In a July 12, 2007 article on the front page of the Lifestyle section, Kie Rel Yea gives a list of 10 things to take with you when going on a hike into the mountains. Click here for the full article.

Fuel the Ride! Free Breakfast Program
by Mt. Baker Ski Area & Erin Baker's Healthy Start Foundation

After discovering last season that an estimated 50% of the 400 Komo Kids and 1,200 Winter Ride participants had not eaten any breakfast before arriving at the ski area, the Mt. Baker crew and Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods teamed up to provide a healthy, nutritious, and filling breakfast to these kids every day of the programs this season.

Mount Baker Experience Magazine February 2007 cover

Featured in the Winter 2007 issue of Mount Baker Experience magazine, the free breakfast program offers the kids a choice of either a Baker's Breakfast Cookie or Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola with milk. Baker's staff are also providing information to the kids about healthy eating and the value of good nutrition combined with exercise.

Additionally, 100% of the proceeds from lodge sales of Breakfast Cookies and new Seed Treats will be donated to the Healthy Start Foundation, and used to give kids in need scholarships to attend next year's ski programs.

Erin Baker's Featured in QFC's Optimum Wellness Magazine's January/February Issue!

This informative and interesting article details the history of Erin Baker's, our commitment "to using the freshest, finest, organic and natural ingredients", and our goal of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for the average person, athletes, and children (through the Healthy Start Foundation).

Optimum Wellness Magazine cover & first page of article

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American Record Holder Tops 63
Unclimbed Tibetan Peaks in 23 Days

Washington, DC. . .World recorder holder and fitness expert Sean Burch returned to the U.S. yesterday from Tibet where he reached a record 63 summits of previously unexplored and unclimbed high-altitude peaks in 23 days.  Burch netted over 100,000 ft. of vertical gain in the midst of facing mountaineering hazards such as avalanches, crevasses, weather, and rockslides.  Burch also confronted unforeseen obstacles as dremo (wild bears), wild dogs, and a botched robbery attempt at knifepoint by nomads.  The peaks ranged in altitude from 16 - 19,000ft, and Burch spent an average 16 hours a day climbing for the 23 days.

Burch, who has established Guinness world records on Mt. Everest, the North Pole, and Mt. Kilimanjaro, was climbing in an unexplored region of the Chang Tang in Tibet.  In all the regions climbed these were the first occasions a Westerner had ever visited the areas.  In a live interview with National Geographic during the expedition, they exclaimed, “This is astonishing...this is unchartered territory.  Your discipline and your sheer will to succeed is amazing and inspiring.”

Burch also spent time in the villages to grasp the fundamental human rights issues currently facing Tibet.  Back in the U.S., Burch is raising awareness and funds for the non-profit organization ASK (The Association for the Support of Children with Cancer).

When asked why this expedition appealed to him, Burch responded, “The attraction of reaching the summit of an unclimbed peak makes you feel like Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon.  No one has ever been there before.  This is true 21st century exploration.”

Burch carefully documented each peak by GPS and photographs, as well as research from interviews with local Tibetans as to the history of each region being climbed.  A complete list of information for all mountains and daily dispatches can be obtained by going to Burch’s website: Expedition photographs and video will be made available.

Burch is drawn to extreme endurance challenges to validate his Hyperfitness training techniques as a new and effective means for goal-oriented physical conditioning.  Penguin/Putnam will be publishing his book, Hyperfitness, which contains his highly publicized training protocol, in April of 2007. The book is the complete physical, mental, and nutritional training guide for succeeding at any goal in life.

Burch’s primary and contributing sponsors for this expedition include Iridium Satellite, Baker’s Breakfast Cookies, RBH Designs, and Guayaki Yerba Mate.

Sean Burch at the North Pole
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