10 Perfect Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

A guide to 10 useful, delicious and unique gifts for food lovers!

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You know the type… The one who stands on their chair at a restaurant to snap a picture of their avocado toast. The one who can discuss at length every texture, flavor and scent in their dish. The one who books a weekend away to explore new restaurants over anything else. We call them foodies and they are a special breed! They see that food is art and it’s a central part of their lives. We have a list of amazing products that is sure to delight each of their senses this holiday season.

1. Reusable Stasher Bags

Stasher Bags

These bags are the best thing since sliced bread, heck you can even use them to hold your sliced bread. They’re reusable to help you live green while still enjoying snack after snack. They’re easy to clean and can be frozen or heated! A truly versatile kitchen staple for any food lover.

2. Lady Yum Macarons


These decadent, bright and fun macarons are a little box of happy! I stop in every time I fly out from the Seattle airport, where they have a colorful and cheerful store. Whether it’s a treat for myself or a gift to bring back home, they always hit the spot. There are a huge variety in flavors available – Unicorn is the best but I haven’t had one that was less than amazing. Gift this Pacific Northwest treat for guaranteed smiles this holiday season.

3. Pique Tea

Pique Tea


What’s better than food? – A delicious drink to go with it. These on-the-go tea satchels provide amazing flavor and convenience for anyone who wants the perfect pairing with their brunch or breakfast. They come in a variety of flavors and caffeine levels that are 100% organic and support gut health!

4. D'Olivo Infused Olive Oil

D'Olivio Olive Oil

Help your foodie friend elevate any dish with a set of infused olive oils. Another Pacific Northwest company, D’Olivo sells a wide variety of infused and specialty balsamic and olive oils that are of the highest quality! There are multiple gift box options with 6 varieties. These tiny bottles will go a long way to flavor any salad, charcutier boards or pastas for your foodie.

5. Cookbook Table Stand from Williams Sonoma

walnut cookbook stand

Make cooking easier with this cookbook table stand. This simple but genius tool will help to keep your prep area uncluttered and keep flying food off your beloved cookbooks. This will also work with a tablet or phone to keep even digital instructions out of harm’s way.  For anyone who cooks regularly this is a must have.  

6. Burger Press from Williams Sonoma (Awesome for Veggie Burgers!)

burger press

Whether they feast on plant or animal protein, this burger press is a simple tool that will bring uniformity to their recipe – especially useful if you know a foodie who likes to photograph their dinner! Now creating photo ready burgers is effortless. This can be especially helpful with whole grain and plant-based burgers that tend to fall apart when assembled by hand.

7. Customized Cutting Board on Etsy

customized cutting board

Let their pride in every dish come through while they chop away on their customized cutting board. Wood cutting boards are a great cutting surface and adding the personalization will tug at their heart strings! This is staple kitchen item with a little extra love.

8. Hu Chocolate

Hu Chocolate

With a motto of “get back to human” Hu chocolates help us humans do what we do best – eat! Not only do they want us to eat but they want us eating quality nutrient dense foods that help us thrive! These chocolates help satisfy a sweet tooth but also don’t have any ingredients that will make you feel sluggish or guilty. You can gift a subscription, purchase a bundle, or just a bar or two - a great gift for a health-conscious foodie!

9. Icelandic Salt from Urta Islandica

Icelandic Salt

Salt is an ingredient often overlooked by the average home chef but adding a specialty salt can take even simple dishes like salads and omelets to a whole other planet. These Urta salts are made in Iceland and come in a variety of flavors. Berry, Kelp & Garlic, and Iceland Moss flavored salts offer a tangy, earthy garnish for a variety of dishes. A little goes a long way with these, a great gift if you’re on a budget!

10. Quality Knife from Seisuke Knife

Kitchen Knife

No kitchen is complete without at least one good quality knife. A knife that is sharp, comfortable to hold and made with attention to detail will never go unnoticed. If you’re feeling extra generous and want to gift something that will last longer than a snack, get them a knife from Seisuke Knife in Portland, OR. 

Those are our favorite gifts this year for your foodie friends, comment below if you have more ideas that any foodie would love!

Happy Holidays,

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