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Wholesome baking is the cornerstone of Erin Baker’s. The importance of quality ingredients and a healthy lifestyle were instilled in Erin from an early age. Her mother’s oat cakes provided a tasty bridge between generations in the Baker family.

Erin and oat cake ingredients

A wonderful way to celebrate International Women’s Day is by honoring our founder/owner, Erin Baker. Whether it’s her dedication to wholesome baking or her compassion for feeding 1 million kids, Erin puts her whole heart into everything that she does. Even though she is a strong business woman with enough determination to conquer anything, her presence at the bakery creates an environment of kindness, positivity, and community. Erin leads by example and inspires those around her to accomplish their personal goals.

Buzzwords such as “donating proceeds” or “whole food ingredients” are thrown around frequently by numerous businesses; however, at Erin Baker’s these phrases are not just words rather what fuels the business. I find Erin’s dedication to her craft absolutely inspiring. She could have built a successful business only to turn a profit in the end, but Erin still plays a pivotal role in the company. Her smile brightens up the room and her compassion transforms the bakery into a family.

Family shapes the way in which we learn our eating habits. Erin’s mother functioned as a catalyst for a lifetime of healthy and delicious baking. When there was fruit in the kitchen that was getting a little too ripe, Erin’s mom would use this produce to sweeten her oat cakes. This concept is used in the bakery today by having our Breakfast Cookies sweetened with prune puree. Instead of baking a sugar-dense cake, Erin’s mom used oats as the foundation for a recipe that provides both protein and fiber. Our Breakfast Cookies follow the same innovation with each cookie having up to 8g of protein and 6g of fiber. The importance of a nutritious, on-the-go breakfast that began in a single kitchen has spread into a national sensation.

Erin baking with her mom

Have you ever wondered where Erin got the idea for her famous Breakfast Cookie? Take a look at my interview with Erin below to find out!

My Q&A with Erin Baker

Q: What is your earliest memory of being in the kitchen?

A: I think I was about 4 in Montana, big busy kitchen bread rising and baking, canning, drying, prepping, stories, teaching…it all happened in the kitchen.  It was where the nurturing happened for sure.

Q: What was the first thing that you baked/cooked? Was it with an easy bake oven?

A: Well I did have an easy bake oven but I quickly tired of it after I realized I was baking with a lightbulb! Haha! Mom taught me basic kitchen principles when I was in the kitchen with her…always. The first thing she taught me to bake was the oat cake made with fruit.

Q: In what ways has your mom inspired your baking style?

A: There were always occasions and events where decadence was paramount, that meant finding the best ingredients for the job…and for day to day food stuffs it was always a goal to make it as healthy as possible without compromising taste. 

Q: What is your must-have kitchen appliance & why?

A: I am not big on appliances, I really like to feel, taste and experience what I am cooking or baking to create the most flavorful and properly cooked dish. I LOVE my KitchenAid mixer for granola, trail mix, cookies, cakes etc. I love my Vitamix for smoothies and soups…they are like silk after going through the Vitamix. I just bought an Instapot which I love for making soup stocks and broths, way way faster than conventional stove top.

Q: Did your mom’s oat cakes influence your creation of Breakfast Cookies?

A: Very much so, when I decided to start my bakery I wanted to create something that would provide healthier breakfast and snack options for busy people, drawing from all the wisdom my mom bestowed on me and the baked goodies I created the Breakfast Cookie.


Erin baking oat cakes

A nutritious snack should taste good! We can all thank Erin’s mother for instilling great baking principles in her. Who would’ve guessed that Erin’s first baking experience would transform the way in which consumers perceive breakfast? Well, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods excels at providing a nutritious and delicious breakfast since this recipe has been perfected for over 20 years. In Erin’s words, “it was always a goal to make it as healthy as possible without compromising taste.” Here at the bakery we love fueling your on-the-go lifestyle with our delicious Breakfast Cookies.

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