Cold Weather Running Essentials

Our top essentials for cold weather running! From shoes to gloves – here’s everything you need to crush your winter workout even in the colder temps!

5 Must Haves For Cold Weather Fitness

Running gear to get you through that awkward “it’s not winter but it’s not quite spring yet” time of year. You know. . that time when you look outside and see the sunshine and get ready for your run just to step out the door to the cold air bashing you in the face? Don’t worry – we’ve all turned back inside and put on another episode of “Grace and Frankie”. There’s always tomorrow, right?

One of my personal goals for 2018 is to exercise every day. I have it on a little goal card that I see and am reminded of each day so that I am motivated to get outside, stretch, or move in some way. What I realized about running, especially in the colder temps of the PNW is that you have to have the right tools.

Here are some of my cold weather running essentials so you can crush your next outdoor workout!

1. Ear Warmers


The perfect choice for those late winter / early spring runs. Hats keep your head warm but sometimes too warm in my opinion! I choose a light ear warmer so that my ears stay warm and I’m not too hot with a full beanie on. Pick one out with reflective material on it if you’re running in high traffic areas for extra visibility!

2. Long Sleeve Layer

Thermopolis 1/2 Zip

I love running with ½ zip thermals in the winter months. This Asics one is perfect since the base layer technology wicks the moisture away while maintaining your body heat. You can zip it up in the first stages of your workout until you warm up and then unzip it for some more air flow once you get working!

3. Gloves


You lose most of your body heat through your head and your hands. Gloves like these are perfect since they are lightweight and easy to stash if you get too warm. The fleece material in these gloves not only wicks moisture from your hands but also blocks the wind that can cause hands to get cold. The ETIP technology allows you to control your music and running apps with them on.

4. Thermal Running Tights

Polartec® Power Stretch® Tight

Have you ever returned from a run and realize that you get in a warm shower just to feel your legs burn? Since our inner body is warm, we don’t realize that the skin on our legs is actually freezing cold! Thermal running tights are awesome to combat this since they block cold air coming in but still allow for sweat to escape. These tights also have a back zipper pocket to stash money or cards which is a favorite feature for me!

5. Running Shoes

Adrenaline ASR 14

We have a very wet winter and spring here in Bellingham, and wet feet can definitely ruin a workout! Choosing a shoe like these Brooks are perfect for winter running. They provide stability on any trail with their high traction rugged outsole. The water resistant fabric is perfect for keeping your feet nice and dry which keeps them warm on your longer and rainy runs. Plus, these ones are cute, which is sometimes hard to find for running shoes 😉

What’s your favorite thing to run with in colder temps? Tell us in the comments!

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