Dad’s Guide to Easy Nutritious Snacks – Creative Ideas & On-The-Go Options

Are your kids hangry? Learn how to tame the hunger beast with these portable and fun snacks.

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There’s nothing worse than running late on an empty stomach, especially when you have to help your children get out the door! The best way to combat hunger pains on a busy morning or while traveling is to prepare healthy food options ahead of time. This type of readiness will alleviate unpleasant car rides and emphasize to your kids the importance of having nutritious snacks on hand. By being selective about the types of food you consume, you’re able to get more vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Does it sometimes feel like your child is always hungry? It’s quite possible that this happens because their stomachs are smaller than an adult; therefore, they won’t be able to eat as much at mealtimes and will need nutritious snacks throughout the day. Transform snack time into an opportunity for healthy eating habits which include lots of fruit and vegetables.

Healthy DIY Snack Ideas

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It has been said that we eat with our eyes; consequently, when you’re not running out the door, make playful snacks for your children by paying attention to presentation. According to a study by Cornell University, "When we eat, we perceive not only just the taste and aroma of foods, we get sensory input from our surroundings -- our eyes, ears, even our memories about surroundings.”₁ By creating whimsical snacks for kids, you’re instilling the importance and deliciousness of nutritious foods at a young age. Once fruits and vegetables become a part of your child’s daily routine, they will favor foods that are beneficial to their overall health throughout their lifetime.

Here are some of our favorite healthy snack options to make at home and enjoy or pack for on-the-go:

  • Ants on a Log
    Spread peanut butter onto celery and top with raisins
  • Apple Sandwiches
    Slice a cored apple horizontally, spread peanut butter, and top with raisins and granola
  • Veggie Pita Pocket
    Spread hummus onto a whole wheat pita and fill inside with vegetable medley
  • Turkey & Avocado Roll-Up
    Wrap a piece of turkey around an avocado slice
  • Fruit Smoothie
    Use yogurt and milk as the base, then add your desired fruit (& veggies too!)

    kid reaching for fruit

    Other great kid snack recipes from our blog:

    Pre-Packaged Kid-Friendly Snacks

    Some days you might not have time to prepare snacks ahead of time, but don’t fret because wholesome on-the-go snack options are available. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best pre-packaged products for your little ones. While you’re shopping be sure to pay attention to ingredients, sugar types, and allergens. Children form habits by watching their parents, so showing them the importance of reading the nutritional information and ingredients can become an invaluable lesson.

    Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookie Minis

    Breakfast Cookie Minis

    We of course had to start this list with Breakfast Cookie Minis – however, they’re not just for breakfast, throw them in your bag for whenever hunger strikes! You won't find artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives in any of the food we bake, ever. Kids love these nutritious cookies while parents enjoy our food philosophy and knowing every purchase helps feed kids in need. Plus you can save yourself a trip to the store by ordering direct online!

    Snapea Crisps


    Powered by plant protein, these whole green peas are an alternative to traditional potato chips. Made without artificial flavor/color, Snapeas are a good source of fiber compared to typical chips, while tasting delicious at the same time. Check out on Amazon.

    Bare Natural Apple Chips

    Bare Natural Apple Chips

    These scrumptious snacks are another great alternative to potato chips. Simplicity is the cornerstone of this company which means in this case less is definitely more. The only ingredient is APPLES! Boasting no preservatives, no added sugars, nothing artificial, no oil, dairy/ gluten free, and Non-GMO Project Verified, these apple chips are an easy choice for nutritious on-the-go snacks. Check out on Amazon.

    Plum Organics Mashups

    Plum Organics

    Plum Organics is dedicated to using organic, non-GMO, whole food ingredients. This snack is made without high fructose corn syrup and doesn’t have any added sugar. So let your kids slurp away when you need a fast on-the-go fruit snack! Check out on Amazon.

    Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs


    Maybe you’ve wondered whether there’s a nutritious alternative to cheese puffs? Look no further than Hippeas. These light and crunchy baked legumes will satisfy your savory needs with their delectable flavor. Besides being certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free, and non-GMO, Hippeas deliver 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per 1 ounce serving. Wow! You can feel even better about your purchase by knowing that the company also donates to Feeding America. Check out on Amazon.

    Once you start paying close attention to the ingredients that comprise your child’s snacks, the entire purchasing process will become much easier. Whether you prefer to do it yourself or buy pre-packaged products, the choice to provide your children with nutritious snacks can benefit the whole family. Become a prime example of a healthy lifestyle, but make sure to have some fun along the way. Happy snacking!

    What are your go to healthy snacks?

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