Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You're busy, we get it! That's why we're in business after all. Halloween can sneak up on you, I mean, HOW is it almost November already? We decided to put all of our favorite, easy, last minute costume ideas in one place- to inspire you now that it's crunch time. 

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Pineapple - Just wear some yellow! As long as you can find some green construction paper to attach a stem onto a hat or a headband- you're all set to go.

    Pineapple Halloween Costume
  2. Robbers- Grab a striped shirt with some black pants & shoes. The mask, bag and hat make the costume look more finished, but if you're in a rush the first couple items will do. Extra cute points if you're a family of robbers! 

    Robber Halloween Costume
  3. Identity Theft- This one is more on the 'punny' side, but all you need are some name tags. See how long it takes your friends to guess what (or who) you are! 

    Identity Theft Halloween Costume
  4. Cactus- This one can actually be one of the easiest if you already have a green top & some white paper. Cut out "Y" shapes and attach them all over. Beautify yourself with a flower headband, if you have one.

    Cactus Halloween Costume
  5. Jellyfish- You could do this with any colored umbrella (no shortage here in the PNW)! Attach some floor length streamers or ribbon to the sides of the umbrella and you're good to go. 

    Jellyfish Halloween Costume


What are you dressing up as this year? 

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