Happy 24th Anniversary to Us!

The end of each year marks the beginning of my wonderful world affectionately called “the bakery.”

Erin Baker sitting in pile of Breakfast Cookies

Looking back to December 1994 I had a big bold idea to start my own bakery, inspired by my go getter entrepreneurial mom and her healthy, delicious foods she was always cooking, baking, canning, drying and growing. I sensed a BIG opportunity to create a healthier grab and go breakfast for the 45 million Americans that were not eating breakfast in 1994. Using oats and prunes as my building blocks I created The Original Breakfast Cookie and my future as a baker was cast in stone.

I wish I could replay all the minutes, days, months, and years that have passed since December 1994, watching it all in front of me like a movie. Beginning with my humble days of renting the 4H kitchen at the County Fairgrounds with my Kitchen Aid Mixer under my arm, to bartering my time in trade for the use of a bakery kitchen, to finally leasing my own bakery space. As I reflect on the last 24 years what stands out the most are the people that have contributed to this big, bold idea. Family, friends, employees, and customers… you ALL feel like family to me. Every day we come together as a team with the mission of baking the freshest and most nutritious packaged food available. It takes much dedication, perseverance, loyalty, agility, devotion, and creativity to take an idea and make it into a business that stands the test of time. Without the people… every single one of them Erin Baker’s would not be what it is today. The folks around the bakery hear me say all the time “it takes a village to raise a bakery” and I mean it wholeheartedly. 

Thank you to the Village that has supported me over the last 24 years… the next 24 years are going to be even better!

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