Healthy Fall Dessert | Baked Pears with Yogurt & Granola

Warm up with this cozy and delicious fall recipe!

These baked pears are so easy to make and are a healthier alternative to other after dinner treats. I like to choose a recipe that includes pears this time of year because they have now been picked and are ready to be baked with. This is a great recipe to make for company over the holidays as you can easily gather the ingredients without any guessing! Single serving desserts are perfect so you don't end up accidentally making too much or too little. With this yummy after dinner recipe, you can simply bake a pear per two people and not have to worry about waste! 

Baked Pears with Yogurt and Granola Topping

I love the taste and texture of baked pears with yogurt and granola. The yogurt and pears melt in your mouth while my Vanilla Almond Quinoa Homestyle Granola clusters give the recipe a nice flavorful crunch. Not only is this recipe delicious, easy to make and a great party treat but it is packed with probiotics, ancient grains and fiber. The Greek yogurt adds calcium and probiotics (healthy gut bacteria), which is the perfect addition for after dinner digestion! Topping with Granola adds extra nutrition from the quinoa and oat bran. Finally the freshly baked pears includes fiber and vitamins along with a sweet delicious taste to this wonderful fall recipe.

Baked Pears with Yogurt & Granola Recipe



  1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Cut pears in half and then cut a sliver off the underside so the pears sit flat when placed upright on the baking sheet. Using a teaspoon, remove seeds. Arrange pears, facing up, on the baking sheet. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
  3. Whisk the maple syrup and vanilla together, drizzle over pears, reserving about 2 tbsp.
  4. Bake pears for 25 minutes until soft and browned on the edges. Remove from the oven and drizzle with remaining maple syrup mixture.
  5. Serve warm with granola and yogurt.

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