Pretty or Poisonous? Flowers You Can Top Your Smoothie Bowls With!

Edible flowers for your smoothie bowls! We’ve all seen those delicious looking smoothie bowls that look like they’re topped with a bouquet from the florist. But can you actually eat all of those flowers that you see? We’ve got the guide & pictures to help you out with which flowers you should include in your next bowl.

Smoothie Bowl with Edible Flowers

Spring has sprung here in the PNW! We’re starting to see beautiful flowers blooming and new growth on our evergreen trees. Though we’ve had both sunny and rainy days this spring, most of the flowers are up and ready for the season!

If you’ve followed along on our Instagram stories you’ll notice that I LOVE starting my mornings with a fresh smoothie. I normally use coconut water as a base and then add in veggies, fruits, and fresh ginger or turmeric. When you have some extra time to turn it into a smoothie bowl, not only does it taste delicious but you can add toppings like whole fruit, granola & edible flowers to make it look beautiful too! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next smoothie bowl star! 😉 

Pretty Flowers You Can Eat


Edible Violet Flower


Edible Pansy Flower

   English Daisy

Edible Red English Daisy Flower


Edible Rose Flower


Edible Nasturtium Flower


Edible Lavender Flower


Edible Hibiscus Flower


Edible Calendula Flower


Edible Daylily Flower


Edible Echinacea Flower

Other Edible Tips:

  • Eat flowers you know to be consumable – if you are uncertain be sure to look it up online or in a reference book first!
  • Eat flowers you have grown yourself – flowers from a florist or another store may have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. It’s not recommended to eat roadside flowers or flowers in public parks as they may have been exposed to herbicides or pesticides.
  • Only eat the petals, remove pistils and stamens before eating.

 What flower will you top your next smoothie bowl with?

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