Same Fresh Taste, New Fresh Look - The Inside Scoop of our new Breakfast Cookie Packaging!

The inside scoop to the new look of our Breakfast Cookies! They're coming alive in their new packaging and we're thrilled to tell you about it. Can you spot all of the changes? 

New Breakfast Cookie Packaging

You’re probably thinking... what took us so long? Truth is, we’ve come a long way in the last 24 years. From no package, to hand stickering & sealing, then to our two tone color & brown pinstripe (so 2000’s, am I right?) and finally to our NEW vibrant packaging that we’re so thrilled to be sharing with you!

While the packaging has gone through a couple of evolutions, the Breakfast Cookie recipe itself hasn’t actually changed much. 24 years ago, Erin knew baking with plant based, whole food ingredients was key for getting the most nutrition in a freshly baked cookie. Over the years, we’ve made slight changes to the recipe to add even more transparency about the ingredients we use. Some of these changes involved switching to Sheperd's Grain sustainable flour, taking out the egg whites so that our cookies are now VEGAN (except the Caramel Apple cookie), as well as certifying all of our cookies as Non-GMO Project Verified!  We also removed the natural flavoring in our cookies, since we came to the conclusion that whole foods just. taste. better. ☺  We’re proud to say that all of these little changes we’ve made over time on the inside have lead & inspired us to create this colorful packaging we’re using today! Here are some of the changes you may have noticed (unless you forgot your glasses).

Old Breakfast Cookie Packaging and New Breakfast Cookie Packaging

Farewell window- Hello fresh.

The vibrancy and energetic colors from the outside exemplify the colorful life you live and that the contents in this package will give you the fuel to conquer that beautiful, busy, colorful life. Ultimately, we figured everyone knows what a cookie looks like- and without a window our cookies stay fresh longer. That really was a no brainer.

Handcrafted from the inside out.

Notice those awesome mandalas on the top of each Breakfast Cookie? Yep, those were all created and illustrated by our amazingly talented graphic designer Taylor. Just like our cookies continue to be made by hand, each flavor has its own mandala specifically created from the ingredients you’ll find inside the package. Talk about talent.

Ingredient Mandala of Fruit and Nut Breakfast Cookie

ICON-ic Cookies.

We realize that everyone is busy. I mean, that’s seriously why we make our Breakfast Cookies. So we put the important stuff right on the front of the package. Protein? Boom. Fiber? Boom. Looking to eat less dairy or animal products? Boom. It’s all right there. We’ve also added the most important thing- our Help Feed 1 Million Kids logo- to the front so you know that with every purchase of our products you’re feeding kids in need. And.. you can’t forget about the Non-GMO Project Verified logo, we just don’t mess with those things 😉 We've verified all of our Breakfast Cookies so that we can allow our customers to make their own decisions on what goes into the food they put into their bodies! 

We are so happy to be able to share this exciting news with you. We hope that you love our new colorful packaging as much as we do! See for yourself and purchase our Breakfast Cookies today! With all of your wonderful support, who knows where we will be able to take the Breakfast Cookie next? 

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