Springtime Breakfast Cookie Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Make Your Ice Cream Cake Healthier with a Breakfast Cookie

Looking for the perfect treat to make on sunny days? Try this delicious and refreshing dessert recipe that is perfect to make this spring or summer. Who said our cookies are just for breakfast? We used crumbled Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookie Minis as a base to this ice cream cake and it was so delicious! A great and easy way to sneak in whole grain nutrition to your desserts. We used a raspberry sorbet with pistachio ice cream to create a wonderful balance of tart and sweet with the Breakfast Cookie crust.

Ice Cream Cake with Breakfast Cookie Crust


  • 12 Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookie Minis crumbled
  • 1 pint of Pistachio Ice Cream
  • 1 pint of raspberry sorbet
    * Tip: leave the ice cream/ sorbet out at room temp for a little while to soften - this makes it easier to spread!


  1. Crumble cookies and press into bottom of pan
  2. Alternate layers of sorbet and ice cream with the Breakfast Cookie crumbles
  3. Top with sorbet
  4. Freeze until hardened - at least 3 hours or overnight

What is your favorite treat to make during sunny days?

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