Sweet Beet Winter Salad Recipe

A Light but Filling Winter Meal

How do you get your veggie fill during the colder months? In summer and spring it’s a no-brainer to use your farmer’s market finds in a vibrant salad but in the cooler months we often crave warmer foods. Whether that’s due to the abundance of traditional holiday meals, or our bodies need for more calories to offset the wind-chill it can be more difficult to fit vegetables in at this time of year. Salads can be filling and satisfying all year round, it’s all about the toppings!

Sweet Beet Winter Salad with Sprouted Snacks

Now that the holidays have passed and you’re settling back into your regular routine salad is also a great option to keep your meal simple and quick to prepare. It’s important to have filling and nutrient dense toppings on your salad to keep you fueled for your day. I have the perfect salad that will leave you feeling satisfied without weighing you down.

I like to call this one the Sweet Beet salad as the most prominent toppings are the beets and orange slices. The citrus in oranges is a perfect complement to earthy beets, lifting the flavor and bringing out their sweetness. Every topping used in this salad adds a new level of texture or taste. We added goat cheese, red onions and our Sea Salt Sprouted Snacks to create a flawless salad; salty, crunchy, sweet, spicy and creamy. This salad truly will leave your taste buds singing.

Toppings matter, but the base of your salad is just as important. That’s why we skipped the iceberg and went for more nutrient dense greens. This recipe includes spinach, a mild flavored green that’s full of vitamins including A, C, K1, and Iron. Also in the mix is arugula which is a more zesty flavored cruciferous vegetable that makes a great addition to any salad. Did you know cruciferous vegetables like arugula contain Sulforaphane, a powerful phytochemical that has been shown to have anti- cancer benefits and lower both insulin resistance and inflammation. You will get different benefits from using an array of lettuces. Green leaf, red leaf, and butterhead lettuce can offer more depth and flavor than the traditional iceberg and romaine.

Blue Bike® Sprouted Snacks make an amazing salad topper for so many reasons. This oat based snack is nutrient packed with nuts and sprouted seeds that are easier to digest and offer increased nutrient absorption of the seeds. Reap the benefits of the omega 3’s, magnesium and phosphorus from pumpkin & millet seeds as well as the B vitamins from sunflower seeds. The crunch of these clusters is sure to make your mouth happy and your hunger satisfied.

Finally we come to the topping of all toppings, the salad dressing. I love to use a homemade salad dressing over a store bought one, that’s why this recipe includes a Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette from Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body’s blog. It can be difficult to find a salad dressing without artificial ingredients and they are simpler to make than you may think! This recipe makes enough dressing for a few servings and can be made ahead of time and used all week.

Sweet Beet Salad Recipe

Servings: 4  |  Prep Time:  Salad: 10 mins;  Dressing: 30 mins



  1. Make your Vinaigrette.
  2. In a large bowl add spinach and arugula, sliced beets and red onion.  
  3. Peel your orange and separate each slice. Add to the salad.
  4. Top the salad with Sea Salt Sprouted Snacks, crumbled goat cheese, and your Vinaigrette, then toss until well combined.

Tip:  For more protein top your salad with steak or tofu!

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