Granola Hemp Crunch
Hemp Crunch Granola in acai bowl
Granola Hemp Crunch Nutritionals

Granola | Hemp Crunch

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Limited Edition Flavor

Delicious, crunchy clusters of ancient grains with a lightly sweetened coconut finish will have you reaching for more! These granola clusters are loaded with flax seeds and hemp hearts for a healthy plant-based protein boost whether it’s breakfast or snack time!

Vegan  |  Plant Protein

One 12 oz. resealable bag

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Customer Reviews

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Best Granola ever

When I say this granola is good, it’s an understatement. I had never heard of Erin Baker before. One day as I was Strolling the ales of my local store I noticed a section that had a lot of different varieties of granola so I thought I tried a few. They were all pretty good but the granola Hip flavor was so good that I headed back to my local store and brought the last 2 bags. About a week or two later I went back to the store they haven’t restocked so I thought I would just order from the website, to my surprised it was a limited edition. I went to another Big Lots and they had 10 bags I brought all of them. Now I’m out completely and very sad about it.

Carolyn Miller

I've SO enjoyed many flavors of Erin Baker's granola--especially the Maple Pecan, Peanut Butter, and Coconut Chia--but oh my...the Hemp Crunch is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect balance of sweet and salty, and I think the best of all (of any brand--and Erin's is my hands-down go-to) I've ever tried. PLEASE make more of this, and Y'ALL--buy it!!!

jeff hoehne

Excellent- I’ll be purchasing again direct as my local stores don’t carry this variety