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Granola | Double Chocolate

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Our super-delicious, antioxidant-rich chocolate Ancient Grains Granola is as good as it sounds. We use the finest chocolate chunks and cocoa to satisfy your hunger and your sweet tooth. Grab a bag for breakfast or a snack!

Non-GMO  |  Plant Based Protein

Recipe for Cheesecake Bites with Granola Crust

One 12 oz. resealable bag

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Customer Reviews

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Chocolate granola, yogurt, and blueberries, yum. That's my breakfast most mornings.

Brooks Helmick

I’m now getting my Double Chocolate Granola from Erin in your older yellowish bags, instead of the newer more whitish bags I was getting from Okidata. One would have thought it would be the reverse. No big issue since this product is well sealed and doesn’t seem to have an expiration date - but just another point on the curve leading one to ask, “What is going on at Erin Bakers?"

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Love the chocolate taste

Kathy Connor
Love chocolate

I bought my first batch at Big Lots. I love it cause I love chocolate. I put in my yogurt in the morning. It gives it a good crunch. The chocolate coconut is good too. So I decided to order from you on line. Thank you!!😊

Double Chocolate and Granola

I love the mini Double Chocolate cookies and the granola. The cookie is great with my smoothie before I go to the gym and the granola is wonderful in my yogurt. I will be ordering again!!!!