Breakfast Cookie Banana Walnut 12 pack
Banana Walnut on plate
Breakfast Cookie Banana Walnut being toasted
Breakfast Cookie Banana Walnut Nutritionals

Breakfast Cookie | Banana Walnut 12ct

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This Breakfast Cookie is BANANAS! Baked with fresh banana puree and crunchy walnuts, we've re-invented your favorite banana bread recipe to go anywhere with you!

Non-GMO | Vegan | Plant Protein

Recipe for Chia Seed Pudding with Cookie Crumbles

Includes a 12 pack of 3 oz. Breakfast Cookies

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Customer Reviews

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Pat Paulson
Great cookies!

These cookies are different than any other cookie I have ever eaten. Although it tastes great, it's a fairly healthy cookie for you so I don't feel bad about eating them. Also, the cookies are big enough that my wife and I share one and end up satisfied. We will definitely try out the other flavors soon!

Robert Kalp

The were excellent. Thanks again.

Peter Anderson

We love these breakfast cookies! We carry them as trail snacks when hiking and general snacks when traveling.

Sandy Mahlum
The best!

I would tell you the flavors that I like the best, except they are all great. Eating one out of the package is fine, but popping them in a toaster is beyond. I leave them in longer because I love the edges a little crunchy. Sometimes after doing that, I break them up, and put them in yogurt, and add fruit. They are delicious, large, thick, and good for my body. Before I found these, I tried others that seemed similar. Nope. They didn’t fill me up like I had hoped, so then I’m eating other foods on top of it, and end up feeling bad. Well, I love these cookies, so it would make sense that I would eat more than one; doesn’t have to be other foods, too much will be still be too much. After the first couple bites, I’m thinking, I’m definitely going to eat another, except I never have. They are filling to the point that my body and mind are completely satisfied, and I never end up feeling bad. I struggle with food and overeating. Food is a pleasurable gift to be enjoyed, but too often, that enjoyment turns on me. Anyway, these cookies become a great meal, a treat, and taste so good … I enjoy and feel great.

Karen Stubkjaer
Our go-to backpacking breakfast

We eat these on just about every backpacking trip we take. Satisfying, hearty, tastes good, calorie dense and healthy. Banana nut is our favorite.